Simon Chelton

A Japanese speaker who has been working with Japan since 1987, Simon is a graduate of the National Institute for Defence Studies in Tokyo, and was the UK Defence Attaché in Tokyo between 2003 and 2007. From 2009 to 2012 he was Vice President for Corporate and Business Development North East Asia in BAE Systems, and was involved in the creation of new industrial relationships and connections, in support of a strategic initiative to work more closely with Japan. Whilst at BAE Systems, he was also a Director of the UK/Japan 21st Century Group, a top-level bilateral government advisory group. In February 2012, he created Cheltons Consulting Ltd, working with companies to take advantage of the new collaboration opportunities emerging between the UK and Japan. He is also an Associate Fellow of RUSI, with a focus on Japan.

Stewart Thompson

Stewart Thompson left the Royal Navy after a career which encompassed logistics, commando aviation and 3 years as Naval Attaché in Tokyo. He served in the Indonesian Confrontation and the Falklands War. An interpreter in Japanese and French, he has since worked as an adviser on marine and technology exports to Japan and Korea at the UK's Department for Trade and Industry before spending 9 years as an adviser to Kawasaki Heavy Industries. He is also an associate consultant with OCTO UK and the Concept East group of companies.


With more than 50 years' experience in Japan and defence immediately available and a wide network of affiliates in Japan, Chelton's Consulting Ltd has the knowledge, understanding and contacts to help both UK and Japanese companies take advantage of this new environment in the defence industry and find ways productively to help each other.

Our coverage, however, is not limited to defence alone. We can cover all areas of wider security, such as cyber, disaster relief and maritime security, as well as commercial aerospace and the space markets.